Google Pridefest

LGBTQ Internal Event

Celebrating LGBTQ pride at Google headquarters and globally.

Google AdWords Performance Forum

Event and Digital Experiential Activations

Bringing together Google's top clients, Google APF was an extravagant event, filled to the brim with the latest in digital activations such as video robots, autonomous vehicles, musically sensitive touch surfaces, tablet bands, and a griping keynote and breakout session experience that was bar none.

TBA Global Website

Website Redesign and Content Management System

A twenty year old veteran of the experiential marketing industry, TBA Global badly needed a website design. But as with more online Web properties, they had a considerable digital presence that needed to be updated into a modern, easy-to-update CMS system.

Months of planning and design went into the modern site look and user experience, which included a dynamic courosel and heavy multimedia like video and high resolution photography.

In addition, it took months of planning and stages of development to migrate the thousands of articles from the previous instance of the site to the new one. The transition went off with no downtime, and the site is built for and ready for modern HTML technologies.

AdWords Performance Forum 2013  - Virtual Vintners

Interactive Android Video and App

With 200 high profile attendees to the AdWords Performance Forum 2013, we wanted to create an unforgettable evening experience of fine dining and entertainment. Rather than training or hiring dozens of sommeliers, we created the Virtual Vintners app, that featured the antics and performance of an over-the-top virtual sommelier, who explained each night's delicious wine and food pairing.

Running on Google Nexus 7 Android tablets, Virtual Vinters was built with the Corona and Android SDKs in just two weeks time. Written in a combination of Lua and Java, the development of the app also included heavy use green screen and video effects to create our "digital character."

Google at Gartner ITXpo

Trade Show Booth Design

Google traditionally esques industry tradeshows, but as more and more companies embrace cloud technology for their IT needs, Google wanted to a tradeshow experience that combined their trademark "Googley" experience and need to educate and inform corporate and business information managers and executives about the cloud computing offerings such as Apps, Cloud Platform and more.

Google Maps Offline Connections

Video Commercial

With the announcement that Apple was dropping Google Maps technology from their iOS platform, Google wanted to show the tech press that it had invested years into developing Maps into an advanced product.  With that, they launched Google Maps offline capabilities for Android. To show how maps connect people, I wrote and directed "Offline Connections," which featured a young couple connecting with maps.

Constantly Connected

Photography Shoot

When a technology client wanted to show much technology has been incorporated into our daily lives, they approached me to creatively directed a series of natural photographs that showed every day individuals using computers, tablets, smartphones and more in their "Constantly Connected" lives.

Chipotle All Managers Conference 2012

Event Website and Drupal CMS

Every two years, Chipotle has what it calls the All Managers Conference.  It's an experience designed to boost company and corporate morale, explain and educate corporate policies and to train and reinvigorate Chipotle restaurant management staff. Two thousand attendees from around the country arrive in Las Vegas, where every minute of their time is managed and planned.

At TBA Global, we produced both the event and created the event's website and Web app, so that attendees can be updated on the latest information and their experience documented in photos and videos.  In creating the site, I designed the user interface and experience, and well as laying down the fundamental site structure and technology architecture.

Built with a heavily modified Drupal core, the Chipotle All Managers Conference website had to meet strict corporate security standards and integrate with existing corporate IT services. The site launched and operated under heavy demand during the conference days with no error and 100% uptime.

Solve for X

Website and App Engine CMS

Google's Solve for X conference is about big ideas that can transform the world. With the website, Google wanted a full feature CMS, built on their App Engine framework, that both visitors and attendees could access to discover and learn more information about "moonshots" that can change and improve the world. Built in just a few days' time, the CMS was controlled in part through an easy-to-use Google Doc.

AdWords Performance Forum 2013

HTML5 Web App

Instead of downloading and installing a native application, attendees of the AdWords Performance Forum 2013 could just open and install a Web app straight from their Web browser on both iOS and Android.  The Web app had near native performance, without the hassle of an App Store approval process. It included the agenda, map and basic networking and messaging functionality.

VW Glove Box

iOS & Android app

We all have had to dig through car manuals to find trivial information like tire pressures and maintenance schedules.  Working with VW, I helped design the "Glove Box" app.

It is capable of containing an electronically searchable owners' manual of a car, as well as containing FAQs for regular car issues and automatic push notifications for scheduled maintenance.

In addition, it was planned that future iterations of the app would dynamically link to vehicles through Bluetooth technology.