The 404

Sizzle Reel

The 404 is a hit podcast and talk radio news program about the intersection of technology and culture.  It was truly a privilege to be a part of The 404 legacy, and this is a short sizzle reel of all the fun, laughter and shenningans that my two co-hosts and I got into on a daily basis.

Good ole' times.

Google Maps Offline Connections


With the announcement that Apple was dropping Google Maps technology from their iOS platform, Google wanted to show the tech press that it had investedWhat good are digital maps if you're in an area where you don't have an Internet connection?  Google introduced offline maps functionality in its latest version of its Google Maps app for Android. years into developing Maps into an advanced product.  With that, they launched Google Maps offline capabilities for Android. To show how maps connect people, I wrote and directed "Offline Connections," which featured a young couple connecting with maps.

Maps are more about finding where to go.  Maps are about finding where people can go to connect, and "Offline Connections" is about two people finding each other.

Boys and Girls Club: A First Chance


In the midst of a worldwide recession, it was more important than ever that nonprofits like the Boys and Girls Club of Newport, Rhode Island, raise money to help the increasing number of disadvantaged children.

"A First Chance" is a short documentary precisely about the reason why we owe the next generation, not just a second chance, but a first chance.

Of My God

Narrative Short Film

"Of My God" is an award-winning short film about an immigrant family that struggles to hold it together after their father passes away.  It's a story about two boys growing up and learning to become men, while their young mother works to keep the family alive and together.

Last Night Out

Narrative Short Film

Good looks can be deceiving.  "Last Night Out" is a short film about a mysterious young, Asian woman who gets ready for her date night out.  The ending will make you guess again about meeting a stranger online.